Affordable rental housing all around the Metro Detroit area

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We have some simple guidelines and rules for renting our properties:

  • Rent must be paid on time.
  • No smoking inside the properties. *** This is strictly enforced ***.
  • We do not allow water-filled furniture, such as waterbeds or aquariums.
  • We pay the water bill up to a certain amount depending on the property. If the water bill goes over that, the tenant is responsible for the overage (which is rare with reasonable water usage).
  • Tenants are responsible for all other utilities.
  • Tenants are responsible for maintaining the property, including but not limited to mowing the lawn, shoveling the snow, and general upkeep.
  • We do allow pets for an additional fee based on the type and size.
  • Leases are month-to-month, with a 30 day notice required for termination.
  • Our security deposits are one and a half month's rent, and we charge a $150 non-refundable cleaning fee.
  • Security deposits cannot be used to pay your last month's rent.

Most of these items are explained in our lease, but we like to be up front with potential tenants in case some of these items are show stoppers.

If these rules are followed, you can be assured a happy and comfortable tenancy in one of our properties. Basically, if you are responsible tenants, then we will be great landlords!